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Coaching supervision or ‘super’+’vision’

February 1, 2010

Many professional coaches engage in supervision for their professional development.  Increasingly buyers of coaching services are also becoming more aware of the benefits of coaching supervision and making it a requirement for any coaches they might hire.   

Yet when I mention supervision to friends and colleagues from other  professions most interpret ‘supervision’ to be overseeing someone’s work and this interpretation fits with the dictionary definition ‘supervise – superintend, oversee the execution of a task, etc, oversee the actions or work of a person’

Last week I had my regular supervision session and reflecting on what supervision means to me and the outcomes I gain from supervision, it’s more about ‘super (higher, extra good, beyond) +  vision (seeing, insight, imagination)’,  that is a process helping me to gain greater insight into how I work and how I can transform the way I work to better serve my clients.



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