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About Sarah

Executive Coach, Sport Psychologist,  Sports Performer, Motivational Speaker

Colleagues, friends and clients say I am highly focussed and accomplished in both my professional, sporting and personal life. I absolutely love the challenge and feeling of being on the edge and finding ‘flow’ or ‘the zone’. I have been a World Class sport psychologist, executive and peak performance coach since 2001.  I’m told I’m one of a rare breed of coaches in that I literally do ‘fly the talk’ (see sporting experience below).   I have a rigorous academic background, coupled with 20 years experience in personal and professional development. I am passionate about challenging myself and my clients to step beyond the edge of our comfort zones and learn to fly.

Sarah Fenwick, Sport Psychologist, Executive Coach

My Professional Experience

I specialise in helping people to develop High Performance Thinking and Behaviours and I thrive on working with exciting clients who really want to transform their performance and achieve, whether they be challenging leaders of global organisations to daring local entrepreneurs, young sports performers brimming with world class potential to enthusiastic amateurs wanting to up their game. I also speak on a range of topics linked to achieving peak performance and success, including ‘The Ps of Peak Performance’ at a TEDx  conference on’Developing Human Performance’  Click to see who I have been Privileged to work with as an Accredited Master Executive Coach and as a Sport Psychologist.

My Sporting and Expedition ExperienceSarah Fenwick Paragliding

I have competed at World class level in paragliding, setting 3 World Records and I have won medals at World and European Championships. I have also competed at World Championship level in sailing (as recently as 2009), national level in equestrian sports, and at county level in a variety of sports including triathlon, swimming and netball. I love adventure in challenging places and have been a team leader and member of several expeditions including a sailing expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula, flying a paraglider from the top of a 5000m mountain, driving a land-rover off-road the length of Namibia, hitch-hiking solo around southern Africa, living in Namibia and a Tongan village, sailing from Tahiti to Europe, and my latest adrenaline buzz is wing walking and wild swimming.

My Qualifications

  • Chartered Psychologist
  • Accredited Master Executive Coach and Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Meyler Campbell Business Coach graduate (Accredited by the Law Society)
  • Accredited Clean Coach for Leadership (Institute of Leadership and Management)
  • Certificate in Co-Active Coaching
  • Certified Neuro-Fit Coach (using HRV as biometric feedback)
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching
  • Accredited behavioural consultant for the Schroder Model of High Performance Leadership Behaviours
  • Psychometric testing inluding BPS Registered Test User, Hogan and Risk Type Compass
  • MSc in Sport & Exercise Science (Psychology)
  • BSc Jt Hons (1st) in Psychology & Sports Science

My Professional Memberships

Find our more about my work as a Peak Performance Coach , explore some of my executive coaching case studies, my work as Sport Psychologist and my sport psychology case studies

Executive Coaching and Sport Psychology Helping the Ambitious Achieve across Hamsphire, Dorset, Sussex and the Isle of Wight

"I absolutely love the challenge and feeling of being on the edge and finding 'flow' or 'the zone'"

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