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Wanting to rise to the challenge of World Class Performance?

mindtrainingExecutive coaching helps you achieve and maintain peak performance.   World Class sports performers place importance on both physical and mental fitness to achieve peak performance, enabling them to perform under pressure and maintain consistent high level performance. Whilst the environment and issues differ, mental fitness is just as important in business. It is vital to take time out with an Executive Coach to reflect on issues so that you can think fast, be ahead of the game and react correctly in each critical moment.

As a business coach and coaching psychologist I specialise in helping people develop the high performance thinking and behaviours that are critical to success in today’s unpredictable world and increasingly complex and dynamic working environments.   As an Accredited Master Executive Coach and Chartered Sport Psychologist, I bring experience and great value through using an integrative mix of tools and techniques (your personalised tool-kit) that will help you achieve World Class mental fitness, and stay at the top of your business game.

Performing at this level is exhilarating it can also be stressful. I work with you to harness the power of getting your ‘butterflies flying in formation’, transforming stress into ‘performing under pressure’.  As your coach I will work with you to challenge and support you on your journey to becoming a World Class Business Performer.

Overcoming the hurdles to success

Unlike sport, business can disguise, make assumptions about, hide or even be blind to it’s “hurdles”, so as you are hurtling along executing your plan you might find yourself knocking into things and getting perplexing or maybe disappointing results.

Real success might seem elusive, or it may seem hard to put your finger on the root cause of a problem.  As a world class executive coach I work with you to both identify the hurdles and improve performance so as to clear the hurdles, whether that be over, under, around, or even knocking them down on your journey to World Class success.

Get out of your comfort zone and into the zone and succeed!

Peak performances are typically accompanied by the feelings of ‘flow’ or being ‘in the zone’. I will challenge and support you as you step out of your comfort zone creating even greater potential for being ‘in the zone’ and transforming and sustaining World Class Business Performance.   I will help you through performance coaching to holistically tune in your mind, body, spirit and business to succeed.

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What others say

“She seamlessly weaves together all three of her “lives” as a strategic coach, trained sports psychologist and high-performance sportswoman herself, drawing on all of them to help and challenge and egg on her client to higher achievement. This obviously makes her perfectly suited to business coaching for high achievers, especially those who are proud of having a coach who has herself (literally!) flown higher and further than anyone else. But having known Sarah now for almost a year, I think it would be a mistake to pigeon hole her as just a coach for “alpha males”; her sensitivity and kindness give her coaching much greater range.” Anne Scoular, MD, Meyler Campbell

“Working with Sarah has helped me focus my efforts and energies, and assisted me in mapping a route through new and complex territory. With her help I have been able develop strategies to deal with a range of professional and business issues which might otherwise have felt overwhelming.” VC, Scottish Executive

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“Executives who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow.” Harvard Business Review

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

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