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The Business: Investment Bank

The Challenge

Developing Leadership Behaviours in CEO

How we worked together


A semi structured interview coupled with discussion of feedback from 360 leadership behaviours and results of personality and motivational profiling. The client recognised that they were very capable in terms of driving development and achievement of strategy, however would benefit from development of more people based behaviours to improve stakeholder engagement.


The client chose to focus on improving empathic capability from 3.3/10 (360 feedback) to 7/10, which would be measured through self-monitoring and 360 feedback.


The three coaching sessions focused on working with the client to clarify their understanding of empathy, develop an empathic skill set, identify and observe role models and to practice empathy across internal and external stakeholders.


The outcome was measured 2 months post the final coaching session: Self-monitoring – the client rated themselves as 6/10. 360 feedback – the client achieved a 6.9/10 rating.

The client said:

“Thanks Sarah, it’s been a challenging journey for both of us and empathy will never be easy for me, but the difference it makes to the people around me is paying huge dividends.”

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