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Case Study / Operations

The Business: Telecommunications

The Challenge

Client new to role as Head of Network Operations with a deliverable of achieving ‘service restoration within SLA 95%’. Prior to their appointment typical service restoration was within 70-75% of SLA.

How we worked together


A semi structured interview coupled with discussion around the feedback from Assessment Centre results (personality, motivational, emotional intelligence, aptitude and leadership behaviours). The client identified that key quick wins would be getting to know their team and corporate clients along with developing a proactive culture within the team.


To increase service restoration to within SLA 95%, through listening to and involving the team, getting to know the clients and understanding their ‘hot issues’ and creating a proactive culture to diagnose and restore service in less than 3 hrs.


The early coaching sessions focused on exploring and developing their strengths as a team player using live situations and immediate feedback. The next step was developing their confidence in building great relationships with clients, this involved observation by the coach and post meeting feedback from the clients to help design next steps of ‘what would be even better?’ This included involving team members in client meetings. Creating a proactive culture was the biggest challenge and biggest step out of their comfort zone in terms of the organisational culture and their own preference for control. We developed strategies to manage their own ‘inner control freak’ and gained the support of a key board level sponsor as a role model and mentor to support them in developing a team that enthusiastically embraced taking the initiative, being responsible and accountable.


Within 6 months the team were hitting 96% SLA. Clients reported overall very good service and were recommending the organisation as a communications provider resulting in two new corporate clients. The employee churn rate and sick leave were significantly reduced. The client reported gaining a sense of freedom to focus on more strategic issues as a result of managing their ‘inner control freak’ and empowering the team.

The Client said:

“I know you are going to say that it was all down to me but you helped me see the way and made me think and act outside my box and comfort zone and make a real success of this! Thank you very much.”

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