CEO, Financial Services:

“I have found working with Sarah to be a real joy. She operates purely on a peer to peer basis so you never feel you are being talked down to or lectured at. That said, Sarah picks her moments to challenge you. In my case, she judged those times to perfection, resulting in me either being truly able to confront my own reality or being able to hold myself to account for my commitments.”

CEO, FMCG (through Crelos):

“Being both new to the company and to the CEO role I engaged Sarah (through Crelos) to help me think about and act on some of the challenges that I would face.  The opportunity to stop, reflect and discuss – in an unfettered way – the many challenges I faced over the first 12 months was invaluable.  This was especially so in terms of achieving balance along a number of key dimensions; long terms strategic focus and near term performance delivery; supporting management but upgrading/changing the team; committing personally but retaining some personal life; maintaining intense focus on what needs to improve but ensuring a perspective on what has been achieved.  I think that two core characteristics of a CEO are a combination of balance and personal resilience.  The time spent with Sarah has certainly helped me to develop these.”

Head of Network Management, Telcoms (through Crelos):

“Firstly to say ‘thanks very much’ for your time and guidance over the last six months, the sessions have proved invaluable to me, particularly given my changing role and new challenges……Thanks once again Sarah for helping me to be able to see beyond the immediate challenges and come through with approaches to take the whole team on this new journey.’

Director of Human Resources, University of Southampton

Sarah provided me with a confidential space to work through difficult issues, I feel I became more  balanced and resilient and hopefully a better leader as a result of the process.

A coaching client:

“Thank you so much for the coaching sessions last December.  It was a pretty confusing time trying to work out which direction to go in and you really helped me see things clearer, in particular learning to value myself more.  I took myself off to do a Yoga course, which I now love!  Then after a stint working for an agency I got offered a great job in London, so I’ve moved back here and am loving life again.  I’m doing a dream job, in a position I never previously believed I would be offered.  I know we only met up a few times, but something obviously clicked in that short space of time and its all worked out really well for me.  Thanks so much, thought you’d like the feedback!”

Director, Scottish Executive:

“Working with Sarah has helped me focus my efforts and energies, and assisted me in mapping a route through new and complex territory. With her help I have been able develop strategies to deal with a range of professional and business issues which might otherwise have felt overwhelming.”

Anne Scoular, MD, Meyler Campbell:

“I had the rare privilege of observing Sarah coaching a CEO when she came to us for an advanced coaching refresher. It was fascinating to watch: she seamlessly wove together all three of her “lives” as a strategic coach, trained sports psychologist and high-performance sportswoman herself, drawing on all of them to help and challenge and egg on her client to higher achievement. This obviously makes her perfectly suited to coaching high achievers, especially those who are proud of having a coach who has herself (literally!) flown higher and further than anyone else. But having known Sarah now for almost a year, I think it would be a mistake to pigeonhole her as just a coach for “alpha males”; her sensitivity and kindness give her coaching much greater range.”

Delegate, Coaching for Performance Workshop, Manufacturing:

“The facilitator [Sarah] was very constructive during the sessions and challenged the group, making our understanding and thought processes work throughout the day. Very enjoyable event.”

Delegate, Performance Through Engagement Workshop (for Getfeedback), Construction:

“Sarah was a fantastic trainer, enthusiastic and ensured everyone was engaged.”

SM – Director, IT:

“Sarah’s ability to steer my own visions from obscurity into daylight and bolster my self confidence has proved of massive value to both me and my business. She retains a unique ability to see-the-wood despite there being trees everywhere – she is the best sounding-board I have ever met.”

RF, Director, on-line food retailer:

“I really can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me. Sarah helped me work through a complex situation with my business partner so I could understand why the problem existed, to identify a solution, and create a strategy to achieve the outcome. The final solution was not something I had previously considered, but the process of coaching gave me the confidence to believe in myself and to act in a way that brought about the solution with the least disruption to the business. Coaching was something I turned to in desperation as a last resort, and I really wish that I had asked for help about a year ago before the problem almost overwhelmed me.”

D Reeves, Inspira Consulting:

“I’ve had a programme of sessions with Sarah over a year and at the end of it I’ve been able to tick off some really big goals, written the first draft of a novel, got a professional qualification, a fab new house and been able to support my family. Not many years that happens! Thanks Sarah for helping me stretch myself it’s been great.”

Sally Lynskey – MD, GRP Laminates, Wessex Business Woman of the Year:

“Sarah’s expertise and style in executive management coaching really helped me to focus on various goals and objectives for the business and also on a personal level. Sessions with Sarah were also helpful in terms of actually planning the ‘journey’ for achievement of priorities within the strategy I had set. Coaching was particularly useful for me in a business that has developed from 3 to 45 staff in 3 years, with the related learning curves and challenges along the way! I would certainly recommend Sarah, whether you are already a top CEO or just starting out on your business adventure!”

Talent Development Manager, Anglian Water (through Vybrant)

I really like what you’ve done.  Thank you for all your hard work  – it’s been invaluable.

IS, Lawyer:

“Sarah has been a very perceptive and challenging executive coach. Her skills at guiding me through the process were excellent and she held me on track when I tried to side step issues! I have already recommended members of my management team to go through this programme.”

Professional Yacht Skipper:

“Sarah’s coaching, in two easy-going sessions, showed me a few simple yet very effective methods to significantly improve my team effectiveness, something 10 years of corporate courses and ‘on-the-job-learning’ never achieved. FANTASTIC !!”

“Executives who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow.” Harvard Business Review

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

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