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Psychometric profiling helps give you a reliable, quick and easy insight to a person’s behavioural performance potential and fit in terms of role, development needs, team and organisational dynamics. Psychometric profiling can be used for recruitment, development and succession planning.

Personal awareness is key to becoming a high performance leader and manager of self and others and there are a number of key influences  (* can be assessed through psychometric profiling):


High Performance Manager Leader

  1. The business environment (industry, culture, values, etc)
  2. Clarity of our ROLE and what is required to be a high performer
  3. Our personality – WHO* we are
  4. Our intellectual capability – WHAT* we have
  5. Our motivation – WILL* to do
  6. Our experiences and qualifications – WHAT we’ve done
  7. Our behavioural capability – HOW* we do things

The HOW is relatively easy to change and/or develop if we have personal awareness (WHO, WHAT have) and the motivation (WILL).


I am on the British Psychological Society’s Register for Qualified Test Users with over 10 yrs of experience working with a variety of reliable and well validated psychometric profiling tools including Personality, Motivation, Values, Integrity, Aptitude & Ability, 360 Leadership and Management Behaviours, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness, Resilience, Strengths, Risk.

I will consult with you to ensure that the best tools are selected to meet your recruitment and/or development needs and budget.

Contact me now to discuss your recruitment and development needs.

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your presentations this afternoon. I had no idea that there was such a huge range of psychometrics out there, so my knowledge of the subject whilst still very limited is still a zillion percent greater than it was at 3pm. All extremely engaging and must have been very valuable to anyone who is or intends to become a coach. Ali Cattermole, COO Meyler Campbell

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