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Aspiring to the Next Level?

Performing under pressureAs a sport psychologist and competitor I understand that competing at any level whether it be Local, County, National or World Class level is exhilarating! It is also stressful! I have a lifetime of experience competing in a variety of sports from local to World Class level and I’ve worked with Sports Performers across different levels (See profile Sarah Fenwick)

Mental toughness is vital; often the only difference from winner to second is just a fraction of a second or point. Developing your World Class Mental Fitness will enhance your physical, technical, strategic and tactical skills and can make that all important difference between winning and being an ‘also ran’. If you are aspiring to the next level I can help you holistically tune in your mind, body and spirit to SUCCEED! What next>>

Discover your best ever performance even under stress!

Ever found yourself wondering why you typically perform better in training than in competition? Athletes, (individuals and teams) spend thousands of hours perfecting their physical performance but many often neglect their mental fitness, only to find on the all important competition day they struggle to ‘perform under pressure’. Stress and anxiety take over and ‘butterflies’ start to fly about erratically leading to a break down in your performance (e.g. losing focus, tense muscles, difficulty making decisions, losing confidence, difficultly communicating) undoing all the hard training. We all need some pressure to perform at our best, so ‘butterflies’ can be great partners as long as we keep them flying in formation (in flow).

Get in “the Zone” or in ‘flow’achieving flow

Peak performances, whether they be first place, or a personal or team best you often hear described as ‘I was in the zone’, or ‘in flow’, and it’s a great place to be, ‘I know I’ve been there and I know it requires good mental fitness’. I will challenge and support you to risk stepping out of your comfort zone creating even greater opportunities for being ‘in the zone’ or ‘in flow’ and experiencing more peak performances.


As a Chartered Sport Psychologist I will work with you to develop and maintain World Class mental fitness regardless of your level of competition, helping you to transform stress, focus your mind, take control and succeed; with me by your side your butterflies will fly in formation.” Read what clients say

Contact Sarah Fenwick – World Class Sport Psychologist in Southampton and Portsmouth Working with Athletes and Teams in Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey, Sussex and the Isle of Wight.

"When I was younger, I’d always say I’d never go near a psychologist – but actually, as you get older, you realise it’s critical to have the right mindset because that’s what makes the difference.” Sir Ben Ainslie, Sport Magazine

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