The ChallengeEH Dressage

Junior team member not achieving potential in international competitions.

How we worked together


An semi-structured interview and performance profile done in conjunction with her trainer identified areas to work on including, realistic goal setting, nutrition, concentration and managing anxiety


  • Set realistic goals
  • To improve ability to concentrate and be appropriately focused during warm-up and the competition (i.e. not get distracted!)
  • To manage anxiety so as to obtain and maintain optimum levels for great performance

Sport Psychology:

We worked in collaboration with the client’s trainer and parents. Firstly we ensured that we were working towards realistic goals (e.g. achieving 69% score in medium test, being selected for Pony Squad). We then looked at how to manage anxiety levels, through identifying the client’s optimum arousal levels for great performance and then learning and practising the tools and techniques to manage both the mental and physical anxiety symptoms. To improve concentration we explored distracters and put in place tools and techniques to prevent distraction and enhance appropriate attention and concentration.


The client was selected for the GB Pony Squad, winning a team bronze medal at the European Championships and winning the BDSC Pony Championships.

The client said:

“One of the most useful things was having to talk through my strengths and weaknesses as this gave me the opportunity to realise exactly how these are caused and how I could improve.”

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