The ChallengeFiona on Scout March 2006

Client suffering from bad nerves and lack of self-confidence.

How we worked together


An in-depth interview coupled with questionnaires exploring self-confidence and anxiety levels showed that following a serious riding accident several years previously the client had lost their self-confidence and experience high levels of anxiety in local competitions over courses of less than 1m. Additionally her self-esteem and self-confidence were being undermined by her trainer.


To rebuild her self-confidence and self-belief so as to progress from local competitions to Novice Eventing level.

Sport Psychology:

The early sessions focussed on setting realistic goals, and identifying the triggers for increase in anxiety and loss of confidence. I introduced her to tools and techniques to reduce the anxiety and increase the self-confidence. We then explored relationships with others and how these could be more effective. This resulted in a change of trainer and working more in collaboration with the new trainer which resulted in greater confidence levels and progression to British Eventing events. Further work together has consolidated greater confidence levels and the client is now competing up to intermediate standard.


The client has exceeded their original goals and gone on to compete up to intermediate standard.

The client said:

“The experience for me working with Sarah was particularly successful and I put it down to the fact that she guided my journey through the problems, but at the end of the day I sorted the answers out for myself.”

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