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The ChallengeDC Golf

“I wish that all tournaments felt like practice rounds”.   Client had lost his self-belief and handicap rating had dropped from 5 to 8 and he was no longer enjoying playing golf.

How we worked together


An initial consultation of semi structured interview and performance profile identified the that whilst the client is very motivated by setting themselves goals, they often worried about what others thought of them, experienced bad pre-shot nerves and a lot of negative self-talk.


To return to playing off 5 consistently and to win club championships.

Sport psychology:

The sessions focussed on using tools and techniques to develop a pre-shot routine that would enable the client to calm the nerves, maintain appropriate focus, challenge their negative self-talk and develop positive frame of mind. We also regularly set and reviewed SMARTER goals ensuring that they were challenging yet achievable.


The client has gone on to achieve a handicap of 5 and their enjoyment in golf is higher than it ever has been.

The client said:

“For anyone out there doubting themselves whether they think a sports psychology programme with Sarah is worth it or not can take it from me that it could be life changing for you; you will achieve what you think was once impossible.”

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