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The Challengeoffshore sailing

To develop a high performing cohesive crew for offshore racing.

How we worked together


An initial facilitated team session followed by individual interviews, along with personality and team profiling enabled us identify team and individual goals, strengths and weaknesses.


  • To reduce the interpersonal conflict.
  • To agree team and individual goals and a road map to achieving them.
  • To ensure the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, in that the crew work to their strengths and get top 10 results.

Sport Psychology:

We ran both team and individual sessions. The personality feedback was given in individual sessions, with exploration of what each wanted to achieve from their sailing. This varied from “I just love sailing and being part of the crew”  to “for me it’s all about winning”.   In the team sessions I facilitated discussion and agreement on; the team and individual goals; how to best utilise the strengths from the personality and team profiling and minimise the impact of their weaknesses; and greater understanding of interpersonal preferences and styles and how to use this understanding to reduce conflict. Following this we had team sessions around communication and managing conflict and several individuals had one-to-one sessions to improve their mental game plan (e.g. leadership, attention, self-talk, motivation, emotional intelligence)


The crew developed much better understanding of each other which helped to contribute to a successful season achieving beyond their goals, including several top 3 results.

The client said:

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the work we did with you. I had hoped to see you once more before we left on the big one but time was too short. I wanted to say how much I valued our talks and how much it has taught me about myself and the others. You truly gave us a hand in challenging ideas and beliefs and changing them to new and more constructive ones, something we are very grateful for.”

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