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Sport Psychology Process

Diagram showing typical process for sport psychology from diagnostics and feedback to performance improvement plan, sport psychology sessions, practicing tools and techniques and reviewing progress.

Exceptional sports individuals and teams are constantly looking at how they can improve every aspect of their performance. Each client’s needs, and therefore the solution and process, is as individual as each client, so there are no hard and fast rules for the process.  However the diagram (left) shows a typical cycle.








diagram showing three way relationships between key stakeholders, athlete(s), coaches, trainers, and scientific support specialists (e.g. sport psychologists, physiotherapists, etc)


I prefer to work in cooperation and collaboration with your coaches/trainers and support team (see diagram right), so as to ensure a balanced and holistic approach to the sport psychology process and helping you achieve peak performance and success when it matters most.


For anyone out there doubting themselves whether they think a sports psychology programme with Sarah is worth it or not can take it from me that it could be life changing for you; you will achieve what you think was once impossible!

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