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D.Carter, Golf

“For anyone out there doubting themselves whether they think a sports psychology programme with Sarah is worth it or not can take it from me that it could be life changing for you; you will achieve what you think was once impossible!”

MH, Equestrian

‘Thank you so much for all your help on Monday I had an amazing time yesterday!’

Emily Harris, Equestrian

“Thanks for everything, the sessions have been really useful and my performance has improved dramatically!”

SL, Sailing

“The biggest impact the sports psychology has given me is the confidence in my abilities and teaching me how to plan for the future and execute that plan. It also gave me a mental boost in the hard times and a helping hand through dark days. Sarah became not only a mentor to me but a friend and confidante which I could trust like no other in the business.”

Ben Saunders, Extreme Expedition

Sarah helped me and my team mate Tarka l’Herpiniere prepare for the Scott Expedition (2013-14), a 1,795-mile return journey to the South Pole on the foot. Mental preparation was every bit as important as physical training for this huge challenge, and Sarah’s expertise helped Tarka and me fine-tune our dynamic as a team in readiness to perform under extreme pressure. The fact that Tarka and I got on brilliantly for 108 days in Antarctica is probably the finest recommendation I can give, and she played an integral part in helping us complete the polar expedition that defeated Sir Ernest Shackleton and killed Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and in the process break the record for the longest ever polar journey on foot.

Rugby Team

“We have learnt a lot about ourselves, especially to feel confident in our abilities… and our results are reflecting this.”

FK, Equestrian

“The experience for me working with my sports psychologist [Sarah] was particularly successful and I put it down to the fact that she guided my journey through the problems, but at the end of the day I sorted the answers out for myself.”

FD, Flying

“Thanks for your input. It is really helpful to bounce ideas of someone impartial and to have alternative ways of looking at something. I am finding it very positive. You have been really helpful, in some really unexpected ways….would you please, please input again, to the next level?”

Professional Yacht Skipper

“Sarah’s coaching, in two easy-going sessions, showed me a few simple yet very effective methods to significantly improve my team effectiveness, something 10 years of corporate courses and ‘on-the-job-learning’ never achieved. FANTASTIC !!”


"When I was younger, I’d always say I’d never go near a psychologist – but actually, as you get older, you realise it’s critical to have the right mindset because that’s what makes the difference.” Sir Ben Ainslie, Sport Magazine

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